Lamplitin’ Songs & Ballads




Has the old folk songs, mountain ballads, plantation songs, western songs and songs about mother, home and heaven.

Lamplitin’ Songs & Ballads – INDEX
A Child At Mother’s Knee
An Old Log Cabin For Sale
Annie Laurie
Babes In the Woods
Barbara Allen
Cabin In the Valley Of The Pines
Childhood Days
Cowboy’s Dream
Darling Nelly Gray
Diamonds In The Rough
Dreaming Of A Little Cabin
Dying From Home, And Lost
Flowers In The Wildwood
Good-Night Ladies
Grandfather’s Clock
Her Mansion Is Higher Than Mine
Home On The Range
Home, Sweet Home
I Dreamed I Met Mother and Daddy
Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life
Little Old Log Cabin By The Lane
Little Rosewood Casket
Listen To The Mocking Bird
May I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight
Mocking Bird Valley
My Little Old Home On The Hill
My Mother Was A Lady
Old Folks At Home
Precious Memories
Put My Little Shoes Away
Rank Strangers To Me
Red River Valley
Silver Threads Among The Gold
Somebody’s Mother
Stars Of The Summer Night
Sweetest Mother
That Little Old Hut Was A Mansion
That Lonesome Road
The Baggage Coach Ahead
The Church In The Wildwood
The Jealous Lover
The Letter Edged In Black
The Old Oaken Bucket
The Picture From Life’s Other Side
The Picture On The Wall
The Prisoner At The Bar
The White Coffin
The Vacant Chair
The Wreck Of Old Number Nine
They Have Gone
Twenty Years Ago
Two Little Girls In Blue
Two Little Orphans
Walking Down “Memory Lane”
When The Roses Bloom Again
When You and I Were Young, Maggie
Where No Cabins Fall