For You Alone




FOR YOU ALONE – (Christian Romance Novel) Betrayed on her wedding day, Allie Crandon flees to the mountains to find peace, but her hideaway is invaded by an injured man. In the guise of being Reena, and Indian, she nurses him back to health without learning his name. A new life in new surroundings cannot ease the haunting secret she carries, or aid he in accomplishing an impossible task entrusted to her by Hanuck, whom she greatly loves and respects. When the stranger reappears in her life, anger, conflict and resentment run high, but she knows she must stand and face her future as an old prediction, “true love”, comes to pass. Alone she faces life…but not alone.

About the Author: FOR YOU ALONE is Tudy Brumley’s second novel. Tudy is married to Bob Brumley, the son of Albert E. Brumley, world famous songwriter. Tudy is fast becoming one of the favorite Authors of Christian Fiction.