We are so excited to invite you to join the Brumleys on our very special one-of-a-kind travels as we Bring The Music.   With each destination our purpose is for all to experience feelings of connection, joy of giving, and celebration through the music as we immerse in the local culture, meet people who live there, support local business as we share with the people our musical heritage and legacy left by our Father and Grandfather Albert E. Brumley … all while enjoying the beautiful surroundings, first class accommodations and the delicious food of each locale. 

We are in the 3rd generation of this wonderful legacy and our desire is to keep the legacy of his music alive, so we decided what better way than to Bring The Music to the WORLD!

We will be seeing all the sights for sure, eating all the delicious foods for sure, but the special difference in our travels is the opportunities to sing along with local folks in their space with Brumley music. To bring an even more spiritual experience to our travels with song. We will connect with different local choir directors, music teachers, music lovers, and gather in informal and intimate settings…some small, some larger…and simply share in the music. They will sing, we will sing, and if you just want to listen that is ok, too. Anyone can join who is there. It has never been done so you will be among the first to help us pioneer these travels. We will learn as we go, and then after each connection we will share some of our song books as a thank-you for the opportunity to do something so wonderful as share music with people who have allowed us in their own country, in their life for a little while to simply connect through the music and soak in an experience that only we will have with our fellow music lovers. This is a one-of-a-kind experiene that we hope brings joy to all who participate.

On this trip we will also have Brother Greg Baskin with us to lead prayer and share scripture as we go throughout our journey. We are blessed to have him with us.

And one final cool thing we get to do that is already included in cost of the trip.. It is a program that is called Share the Bread. On the Sunday before we depart for home, we will acutally be sharing food prepared by local folks where we are invited into their homes. So we spend time with these people in their life. What an inpsiritng and special thing to be able to do in anothrer country! We are looking forward to eating the delicious food they prepare. Another great thing about his program is that helps support these Christian families with needed income they would otherwise not have. This is just one of the ways our tour supports local Christian people and business.

Select International Tours is a a Faith-based tour company that has been delivering excellence in travel for over 30 years. They have a partner on the gournd there who has taken care of all the details, made sure we are only in safe areas with people he has interviewed, eveyone speaks English, and he actually lives in Israel so he has an inside track on everything. We can simply enjoy it all without any worry or hassle in any way. It is worth every penny to be a part of this.


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