The I’ll Fly Away Foundation Launches Student Songwriting Program Today

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Pilot Program Launches In One of U.S.’ Most Rural and Poor Areas Enabling Students to Learn To Retain Knowledge through Music
McDonald County, Missouri – (October 27, 2014) – The I’ll Fly Away Foundation has announced the launch of the organizations first songwriting program in one of the most rural and poor counties in the state of Missouri. The program, which was the brainchild of the foundation, will be conducted in a total of fourteen 3rd grade classes totaling over 350 students in the McDonald County School District. Beginning today, Monday, October 27th, the Pineville Elementary School’s Pineville, MO third grade will each spend an hour a day totaling one week or five days. The program will be led by a professional songwriter who will teach the students the fundamentals of songwriting including rhyme and phrasing. Afterwards the class will work together as a team to write songs using the school’s current subject curriculum or social problems the educators have indicated are troublesome for the students. The expression through songwriting will enable the students to have a better understanding of each challenging subject.
Statistics (from the book titled ‘Music And Learning’ written in 1995 by Chris Brown, via an article by Johns Hopkins School of Education in 2012) show that using music to learn helps children retain knowledge. There will be eleven different languages spoken in the classes including American Sign Language. The children who go through the program are scheduled to perform at later date at each school’s fall festival or Christmas event. Each child who finishes the program will receive an exclusive commemorative t-shirt which states “I Believe in the Power of Music” which will serve as a constant reminder of their achievements.
“For so many years we have been passionate about improving children’s lives through music,” said Betsy Brumley, Founder of The I’ll Fly Away Foundation. “Through this songwriting program we intend to help young students retain the knowledge they need to be successful in anything they set out to do and we hope to expand the program throughout the United States in the near future.”
The Pineville Elementary School was chosen as the first pilot school for the program because of its current geographical, financial and enrollment factors. Buses travel over 4,000 miles each day to support the students who are all living in very rural and low income areas. The I’ll Fly Away Foundation plans to extend the program throughout other schools in the region with the goal of conducting it long-term across the nation.
The I’ll Fly Away Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving a child’s life through music and preserving America’s musical heritage. The foundation is an approved 501c(3) which launched in 2011 in honor of Albert E. Brumley who in 1932 wrote “I’ll Fly Away” which is one of the most recognized songs in the world ever recorded. Brumley has been described as the pre-eminent gospel songwriter of the 20th century with over 800 published songs. Other titles included “Turn Your Radio On,” “I’ll Meet You in the Morning” and “Rank Strangers to Me.” Betsy Brumley serves as its leader and has dedicated her life to creating opportunities which foster music education and preserving the country’s rich music history. For more information go to

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